There’s nothing quite as disheartening as seeing zero shares on a blog post you’ve spent an hour writing. But perhaps it’s not the content. Perhaps it’s the lack of sharing options? Check out our 5 ways to encourage people to Tweet about your content below:

‘Click to Tweet’

This is such an easy change to make to any blog post that you’d be a little foolish not to give it a go. I’m talking about ‘Click to Tweet’. It’s as simple as writing a sentence that’s interesting and making it super easy for someone to Tweet. Just like this:

Admittedly, a fact about an Ostrich probably isn’t the sort of thing that you’re going to share. But if you were reading a blog post about Ostriches, then you might find it interesting, interesting enough to then share to Twitter?

With that being said, only use it when you have something genuinely interesting that you think people would want to Tweet about. Don’t just throw any old fact into a ‘Click to Tweet’ box and cross your fingers that someone is going to find it interesting.

Achieving this is incredibly simple, at least it is if you run your blog on WordPress. With over 10,000 installs, I’d highly recommend the simply named Click to Tweet plugin available here from the WordPress website completely free. Install it, add your Twitter handle and then just enter the shortcode whenever you want to include a ‘Click to Tweet’ box (we’ve used this plugin for the box above).

Make it Easy

If you’re not including any form of social buttons on your content then you shouldn’t really be surprised that people aren’t sharing it? There is an endless supply of plugins and third-party software that will help you to insert buttons on your content. From a simple row of sharing options at the end of a post to a flashing, dancing, floating, brightly coloured bar that follows the users as they scroll.

I, personally, like to keep things fairly simple. No floating bars. No frustrating pop-ups. Just a simple row of the most popular social networks, and even then I keep it fairly limited. When Neil Patel increased sharing options from 3 to 5 he saw a drop in sharing of 29% which is why on the DM Pilot blog we only provide Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as sharing options.

Mashable does a good job of keeping things simple yet making it incredibly obvious and easy to share their content which is why there are a few plugins that now aim to achieve the same sharing set up as Mashable.


But don’t beg!

A little mention at the end of a blog post asking people to share if they enjoyed reading it is fine, especially if it blends in with the styling of the content. But don’t start putting huge, bold, heading screaming SHARE ME! It will do one thing, alienate your readers.

Remember, if you have an email list then when you email them about your latest blog post then, again, ask them to share if they enjoyed reading it and/or think their friends on Twitter will enjoy reading.

Mention Brands and People

This is how you step up your content marketing game – By mentioning other people.

This is where things like case studies, reviews and recommendations come into play. However, the best way to explain is with an example:

Let’s say we write a blog post showing how we increased our optin rate by 40% with the help of Optin Monster. We’ll obviously mention Optin Monster a few times in the blog post. We’d then share the post on Twitter including @OptinMonster. Finally, we’d drop Optin Monster a quick email to just let them know we’d written a case study about how they helped us boost our optin rate which they may want to share with their followers.

The ideal result is, of course, OptinMonster then sharing your blog post with their own followers.

If you can throw in a few mentions of brands and influencers in your niche (in a positive way obviously) then it’s always worth letting them know you’ve mentioned them in your latest blog post.

Become a Real, Relatable Person

“You what?!”

I know so far I’ve looked at the fairly obvious things that directly impact how many shares you’re likely to achieve with your blog posts. So bear with me on this. When working on their content marketing strategy, a lot of people hire a half decent writer, wait to receive their content, copy and paste it to WordPress, hit publish and then quickly share it on social media.

This is just wrong. So plain wrong. It completely goes against everything that is content marketing. The whole idea of content marketing is to attract readers who then engage with your brand who then, may ultimately, pay for your product or service.

What incentive do your readers have to engage with your brand if you’re already distancing yourself from it?

None. And that’s why, if the above is your content marketing strategy, you’re going to fail to attract Tweets (or likes, or pins or even comments).

So what can you do about it? It’s really simple. If someone comments on your content then reply. If someone shares your content then say thanks. If someone emails in with a question then take 2 minutes to reply. It’s all fairly obvious relationship building principles that often go out the window when it comes to a blog.

So start applying these fairly simple yet highly effective ways to boost the shareability of your blog posts and let us know if you’ve given any of them a go by dropping a comment below (oh and don’t forget to share this post of course).