As a small business in an ocean full of huge branded chains and corporations, considering all your options to improve and enhance your brand is essential. While having a blog might not be at the top of your priority list right now, it’s a great feature to think about if you really want to get your business out there in the digital marketing world. Blogs have some amazing benefits, and smaller businesses can hugely change up their brand with a few words on their blog every now and again.

In case you need any more convincing, below we’ve listed the top 8 reasons why every small business needs a blog. Surprisingly, writing a blog on your business website isn’t as difficult or as effortful as it may initially seem, plus the advantages of having one definitely outweigh any (if there are any) disadvantages.

It Gives Your Business a Personality

There is only so much personality you can show in a few general pages and product descriptions. Customers and consumers appreciate a brand or business with a character behind it. When you’re a smaller business, you need everyone to know you’re genuine and have morals and values.

You can make your business blog about absolutely anything you wish, and that’s the beauty of creating it. Choose to create an online presence you’re proud of. Before you know it, your small business will have thousands of orders, and your blog will be the best decision you made.

It Helps to Build a Brand

Likewise, to giving your business a personality, having a blog allows your company or brand to show the online world what they stand for. If you have particular values you think your customers should know more about, you can write about these on your blog.

Similarly, if your business has a speciality or something that makes it unique, you can create more online awareness of this. A lot of smaller vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands tend to write on their blog about vegan news, this helps to build their brand and prove that they’re serious about what they stand for.

It’s a Free Way to Get Your Business Promoted

While it’s not exactly free in terms of time and effort, as it takes effort to research and a lot of time to write a blog article. If you have someone who works for the business, is an expert in your industry and is great at writing, then you’ve got the perfect formula for a successful blog.

The best and most effective blog posts are between 1,000 and 1,500 words (concerning SEO), on average, this takes a person around 3hours to write (with research). This is just a small price, in time, to pay for a potentially amazing article.

It Allows You to Get to Know Your Customers

If people are reading the content you produce on your blog, then they’re most likely going to comment on it. This will allow you to get to know your customers more. Adding a question to the end of a blog post will give the customer/reader a space to voice what they think underneath. In turn, you can find out more about what they want.

However, you can also find out more about your customers if they hate the content you’re producing. Using analytics, you will be able to compare and contrast who is reading and who is purchasing your products/services which is helpful if you want to reach more likeminded people.

It Helps to Develop a Community

Allowing comments will also enable your customers to interact where they might not have before. If people have common interests in your products/services or they have advice for someone – having a blog is an easy and great way to create a community of people surrounding your business. This community will likely become regular purchasers on your website, which means more sales!

It’s More Thoughtful than an FAQ Page

Most businesses have an FAQ page, but these often lack personality and any sense of a human behind the writing. Even if you only use the blog to update readers on what the business is up to or to address commonly occurring queries, it still creates a space that is more thoughtful. We would always recommend having an FAQ page though, they’re useful if your customers need to find something quickly and don’t have time to search through your blog posts.

It Increases Website Traffic

Writing about relevant topics will mean your blog articles appear at the top of search engines, if people are searching the area, you’re writing they’re likely to stumble across your website and article. While they might not be a regular buyer or customer of the business, it still increases your website traffic. And, who knows? They could have a look around your website and end up buying something if they like the look of it too.

It can Build Email Subscribers

Email subscribers are essential if you want to keep regular customers and ensure they know everything about your business. If you have the ability to email out a campaign or information about new products to thousands or hundreds of people – you’re going to get people visiting to find out more. Email marketing is often disregarded by smaller businesses as they don’t think it’s useful, but, even if you only have 50 people on your subscriber’s list – it’s still better than not having anything.

By taking these tips and top 8 reasons on board, you should allow your small business to become a larger company in absolutely no time. It may seem difficult at first, but as your blog will grow naturally the more regularly, you upload onto it. Reaching new customers and growing your small business has never been easier than it is in our modern technological world.